Medical Camp at MBBS Paliem

Cleric Samson Ribeiro
09 Mar 2023
Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan Paliem

Medical camp held at MBBS

It is said that prevention is better than cure; in line of this saying, a medical camp was conducted for the boys of Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan (MBBS), in collaboration with the Lion’s Club of Aldona, Goa on March 2, 2023.

After a sumptuous lunch for the boys of MBBS sponsored by the Lion’s Club of Aldona, the medical team of Primary Health Centre, Aldona conducted the medical camp for them.

During the medical camp, the height and weight of each of the boys was measured and recorded. A blood test was also conducted to check the blood pressure, sugar and haemoglobin level.

In the session by the medical team, basic etiquettes regarding hygiene, waste segregation and dietary information (which includes the food pyramid) was presented to the boys with the help of charts.

The ill-effects of substance abuse like smoking and drinking were also highlighted to the boys. The camp was a success and was very beneficial for the boys of MBBS, Paliem.

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