Fr Gianni Concludes Extra Ordinary Visitation of Panjim Konkan

Banzelao Teixeira SDB
06 Dec 2023

Provincial Fr Clive Telles thanking Fr Giovanni Rolandi at the conclusion of the extra ordinary visitation

The extra ordinary visitation of the Salesian province of Panjim Konkan (INP) by Father Giovanni Rolandi on behalf of the Rector Major, Cardinal Angel Fernandez Artime successfully concluded on December 1, 2023 at Don Bosco Panjim, Goa.

Leaders of the communities, commission heads and representatives from the various houses of the province attended the concluding conference by Father Rolandi.

Vice Provincial, Father Banzelao Teixeira in his address to Father Rolandi said, the extra-ordinary visitation proved to be a blessing to the province of Saint Jose Vaz on several fronts. An extra-ordinary visitation often signals moments of intense preparation and at times stress, however, Don Gianni you put us at ease. Several confreres expressed that you came across not as a, Visitor with the mandate to inspect every community or institution, but as a Salesian confrere who genuinely cared for his fellow confreres. Yes, you have the mandate of the Rector Major, but more than that you tangibly demonstrated the warmth and affection of the Rector Major Cardinal Angel Fernandez Artime towards each one of us.

Your approach has definitely resonated well with the confreres of INP Don Gianni. Through your interaction with students, teachers, parents and parishioners, you’ve come across as a person who is simple and not bound by protocols. Your messages to the various groups have been spiritual, contextual and powerful. In some places despite language barriers people were able grasp the message you have for them because you spoke the language of the heart more than English. Through your thoughtful provoking discussions, you showed your deep commitment to foster positive connections among peoples. You are a Salesian after the heart of Don Bosco coming from the land of Don Bosco, having breathed the Salesian spirit from your early years, you have been able to demonstrate it through your life. You gave time to each confrere; listening to their life stories and vocational journey with its ups and downs, or as you would put it, light and shadows. Above all, may the good seeds you’ve sown, bear abundant fruit in the years to come.

Expressing his gratitude Provincial, Father Clive Telles said, I extend my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the entire Province to Reverend Father Giovanni Rolandi for your exceptional dedication and leadership during the Extraordinary Visitation. Your fatherly presence left an indelible mark, characterized by patience in listening to each member of our province. Your tireless efforts in visiting every house and region did not go unnoticed. You exemplified the spirit of a champion missionary, tirelessly traversing from one place to another, offering guidance and support wherever needed. Your commitment to the well-being of our Province is truly commendable. Moreover, the reports, of each community and of the province at large marked by specificity and intuition, reflects the depth of understanding and care with which you approached your responsibility. Thank you for your proactive engagement and willingness to offer valuable advice that has undoubtedly enriched our province.

The conference ended with a short family circle animated by singing and the agape.

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