Summer Camp Held at Don Bosco Parra

Elton Fernandes SDB
25 May 2024
Don Bosco Youth Welfare Centre Parra
Summer programme

DB Parra Summer club kids exhibiting their painting skills

Don Bosco Parra, organised a Summer Camp and Grass root football coaching for the boys and girls, from April 15 to May 15, 2024. Around 30 children enrolled for the summer camp and 60 for the Football Coaching. It was a month of fun-filled activities and learning opportunities.

The Summer Camp and Football Coaching commenced with the inauguration of the score board, and with a warm welcome by the Rector, Father Wilfred Fernandes.

The Summer Camp offered a diverse range of activities, including animated games, craft and drawing sessions, trekking, water sports, camp fire, and various competitions. Throughout the weeks, animated games and competitions were held, with teams earning points for their victories. These activities and sessions kept the students entertained and engaged, providing them with ample opportunities to cultivate new skills and talents, and showcase their own.

Former Indian Women’s football Coach for 8 years, Coach Maymol Rocky, along with 3 other Professional Coaches from top Football Academies, offered the children energetic and effective football techniques and to improve their game play.

As the summer camp entered its final week, the children prepared a dance, an address for the parents and a song for the highly anticipated closing ceremony. To top it all was the Campfire Night that became a mesmerizing display of skits, slogans, yells and claps performed by each team, showcasing their unity and creative expressions.

In an action-packed month of Friendship, Team work, Personal Growth and Development, the Summer Camp 2024 at Don Bosco, Parra, reached its conclusion on May 15, 2024.
To mark the closing ceremony, a football festival in the morning from 7am to 9:30am was held for the Football Coaching children, with various Team games followed by the Prize distribution.
Chief guest, Mandar Rao Desai from Guirim a professional Indian national player, addressing the budding players spoke about the importance of hard work, dedication, commitment and good eating habits to be a skilled player.
Children were filled with emotions as the Summer Camp and the Football Coaching came to a close, leaving behind memories and lessons learnt that would undoubtedly shape their future.

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